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I am new to ep, and this site has helped me immensely so far, but I am saddened to see the recent division of its members.  Maybe I am just being very naive, and admittedly do not know the history behind the division, but it still makes me sad.

One Human Society


According to the Oxford Dictionary,

One means "single and integral in number.

Unity; a unit.";

Human: "consisting of human beings showing warmth, sympathy, etc."; and

Society is an "organized and interdependent community."


So "One Human Society" should mean a united, organized and interdependent community of human beings showing warmth and sympathy to each other. Sound like the world we're living in? Of course we're not talking about a perfect society - let's not be unrealistic! But ask yourself this:

Are you satisfied with the life you're living and the society you're living in? Do you feel you have the opportunity to express everything you want to express? Are you confident the world is being run for the benefit of all people in all spheres of life?

As human beings we've come a long way on our planet. We've made progress in many areas - science, technology, the arts, etc - but we still haven't created a world that treats all people as part of the same family. There are divisions that just don't have to be there because in reality we are all part of the one family. And that means everyone - all people from all corners of the world. All should have the opportunity to express themselves and to develop their potential within our one universal family.

If we did live in such a world, where everyone was respected and given the scope they needed for their individual and collective progress - regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion or cultural background - then that would really be worthy of the term "human society."

How can we make it a reality? How can we build a world that gives us all as many opportunities as possible to live the life we really want to live? How do we create a society worthy of the name? How do we make a civilization that is actually civilized?

Obviously we have some work to do. But it's not impossible. We are becoming increasingly more aware of the nature of our problems every day. Our collective consciousness is changing - continually evolving. We have moved into an era where not just a small number of people, but a very large and significant number, have the injustices of society on their minds. We now know what we should do, even if we don't know exactly how we should do it. We have enough resources on our planet for everyone to enjoy a reasonable standard of living, but we need to integrate all our personal, social, economic and environmental systems into a total plan for everyone. We need to move into a phase of honor, dignity and justice for all people. We need to replace hypocrisy with truth; deceit with trust; false promises with real promises; and false values with real values.

Can we balance individual and collective life - integrate the physical realities of life with the common human condition; the desire for love, peace and happiness that everyone feels?  A truly progressive human society must promote the welfare of all. It must facilitate the development and expansion of all people.  It must lead to the progress of individuals as well as the collective as a whole, in every area of existence. It must be a society characterized by the ideals of unity, security and peace for all.

Unity in name alone is nothing more than hypocrisy. In the real sense of the term it must be based on love: the natural bond of love that exists among all people as members of the same family. If there is love among the members of a family there will be peace within that family. Only when we feel that love will we attain true peace. Only when we realize the unity of all existence - that the diversities of this world are nothing but the variegated expressions of one Entity, including all living beings and all things - will we attain true unity.

Thank you for allowing me to share.


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Interesting story ..


Cooperation is a great add! Thank you. How about Cooperation, Unity, Love, Compassion, Tenderness, Respect... care to add some more?<br />
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Many Mahalos for your comment

How many times in the course of a day do you here some authority figure telling us what we have to do in order to COMPETE for whatever goal we are trying to achieve? If all of us are out in the world competing for what we want, there are bound to be winners, but sadly, losers also. I am hoping that the word COOPERATION will start finding its way into the conversation.

Thank you Destry. The feeling is MUTUAL!!!