The War Of The Circles


 Over the past few weeks I have watched as group after group, story after story has popped up on my profile page with titles that reflect anger and childish infighting.  I suppose that writing this will bring the wrath down on my head but I am willing to risk it.

I joined a group so I could write a story thanking a woman on this site for all she has done to make my nights less painful and putting a smile on my face when I could not muster one up for myself.  Since the writing of that story I have watched malicious and threatening stories being posted about "childish teams" and "silly cliques".  I do not and never have belonged to a clique or team of any sort.  I joined ChristianGothKitten's group because I enjoy having her in my circle of friends and wanted to have a little fun and enjoy my time on EP.  Instead, my time here has been anything but enjoyable as of late.  I have watched my friend derided and defamed and anyone who is her friend receives a dose of the same bad medicine.

The latest installment of ugliness was filled with name calling  and put downs  and engaged in a tirade about people who have a disability and are having trouble coping with life at the moment.  Have we FORGOTTEN what this site is all about???  When I joined EP I was under the impression it was for the lost, lonely, hurting souls who could get a bit of encouragement and maybe a little help along the way. Instead I am reading stories about how much money someone makes and how they are sick of people who can't work leeching .  How cruel and insensitive!!!

The fighting and smarmy, ego driven remarks have carried over into the Q & A and it is becoming less a pleasure and more of a burden to log on and witness this ridiculous behavior.  It is infantile and reminds me of the nasty little groups in Jr. High who loved to gang up on the wall flower or the one they didn't feel "fit" in their clique of friends.

I understand the feeling  of sticking up for your friends, there is nobody more angry  than I when I see someone being attacked.  On the other hand, there is NO call for the tactics being used in these fights.  Just this afternoon I ran across another story written by a lady I have seen nothing but honesty and a smile from since I have been a part of this community.  It was so sad to see that she had been attacked and it had spilled over into her personal life.  I could hear the pain and sadness in each word she wrote.

STOP and think before you lash out at someone.  Put yourself in their shoes for a moment .  Choose your words wisely for they can cut like a knife wounding the heart and the psyche. Do you want to be the one responsible for pushing that last button, the one that sends someone over the edge and beyond the point of no return??

I would like to see the following:

The cruel and angry groups and stories stop. If you are so angry or hurt that you just can't hold it in, open up a dialogue in a personal message and talk it out.

Stop running to the Q & A board with questions that are only meant to hurt and defame someone's character or way of life.

Comment by all means, on a story, but if it is just a rebuke of the writer for having an opinion on a certain subject...hold your tongue.  Write your own story giving the other side .

Be one of the helpful instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the hurtful.

By all means post a story or warning when there is a clear and present danger such as stalking or hacking.  I have done this myself and one must protect ones privacy.  Be wise in your choice of a "time to fight".

No one is perfect and that surely includes me!  I am not always "giggly" and full of fun.  I, like everyone else, have bad days.  I get grumpy as an old curmudgeon, have been known to take offense when none was meant, and can spit fire that would put a dragon to shame when angered.  But that is when I make a choice.  Do I want to hurt someone by acting out like a child who forgot to take a nap?  Or do I want to "Stop, Drop and LOL" as one group so aptly put it!  I choose the latter and refrain from writing or commenting when not on my best behavior.  I suppose I will be blasted with a barrage of "it's none of your ******* business, stay out of it", but I feel it is the business of all who love this community and hate watching it go horribly awry deteriorating into a playground brawl. I worry about the ones who come to EP looking for help and the first thing they see is a story filled with venom and hatred instead of understanding and hope.

This was not meant to be the Sermon on the Mount but a simple plea to bring EP back to a place of civility, common courtesy and add a dash of common sense.  I rarely share my personal life with anyone but close friends.  Today is different.  Suffice it to say, I am in ill health and I am never quite sure when my next breath will be my last.  Let me ask you, who find it good sport to fight, a question.  Would you wish for your last words to be a cruel and vicious attack?  Would you wish to be remembered on EP for your last angry story??  Please....think about it before you resume the fighting.

Thank you for reading this.  I wrote it because I care.

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19 Responses Feb 10, 2010

True, I only stay because of a handfull of good friends. I just try to ignore the silly name calling and childish fighting. You're right, there are those in life that just never get out of that high school mentality. Hells bells, they looked stupid in high school and they really look moronic doing it as an adult!

Girl, re-read this story you wrote and tell me again why you stay? I've been reading the stories on this site while keeping up with AE and Cheeky and it doesn't appear anything has changed in the 5 months since you wrote this. Guess you were right, the ones who act this way didn't bother to read it. Some people just never grow up!

OMG LMAO already!!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPIE I get the story!! I'll tell mine via IM too. lol noone wants to hear about some perv getting his while I'm trying to troubleshoot his computer LOL

I think CGK is too fun. I joined her Gangsta group this afternoon. I'm a Ninja Cat from way back!!! hehe<br />
<br />
Okay, I'll tell you the story since you whined so well! But i think I should tell it by pm....not sure the dear trooper wants the whole of ep to read about it....although.....hehehe that would be a hoot!

and BTW ChristanGothKittin is ok in my book too. If anyone has a problem with that, too bad, I'm pretty sure I won't care about their opinion. lol

Well, looks like I'm really going to have to. make up.. err I mean tell you some really jucey stuff :P<br />
<br />
If I block you giggles (douptful) you can bet I'm not going to care enough to explain it to you or anyone. lol <br />
<br />
OH man I want to hear the tranny story NOW!!!! *whines* HEHE do I HAVE to wait for the book.????? I'll tell you my ************ dewd IT story... its a duesy... pls pls pls tell the story!!! <br />

G ~ not bloody likely. One was on here today writing fast and furiously. People like that don't read stories like this. They are too full of themselves....yes, it is truly sad. I wouldn't want to live that way and I don't know how they look in the mirror and not feel guilty. People are strange!

Katje, how you doing? Keep your eye on Dr. Giggles!! You know she is a terrible patient :)<br />
<br />
Sis, what you wrote should wake them up and make them think. It's a shame when adults act like out of control children. Love ya, G

LetMeGo2 was here....THANK YOU for sharing!!! TAKE CARE!!!

Hehe, you big ol' badass, you wouldn't dare!! (would you??) *batting my eyes and smiling sweetly:')*<br />
<br />
Cheeky don't listen to him, I would never put you in my book....him, yes but you, never. hahaha Did I ever tell you about the tranny who tried to pick the good trooper up? That is one story that is definitely going in my book!!

Miss Cheeky, never EVER tell Giggles your secrets!! She swears she's going to write a book about all of us and make a fortune. I , for one, don't want to be a chapter in THAT book ;)<br />
<br />
Giggles you are supposed to be resting, not writing stories and trying to make peace among the warring circles. Don't make me take your laptop girl!!

I don't quite understand how a group is helpful that encourages you to write to someone that has blocked you. If you block me Cheeky, then I really don't give a flip why you did it. Just keep it to yourself ~ why does the whole site need to know??? Seems that just prolongs the argument !?! I guess I'm just not up on the rules of engagement when it comes to the War of the Circles hahaha got any pointers? My guess is the ones that ought to be reading this story will never bother to look at doesn't contain any abusive language or enought threats to put in your eye and I'll only be in trouble for saying I consider ChristianGothKitten a friend. Now, tell me all those juicy secrets just in case I decide I don't like you anymore and I want to block you. I need AMMO!!!! HEHEHE

shoot... well I'll have to tell you some... shhhhh I'll make them JUCY!!! tee hee

HAHAHAHA Okay, You start it and I'll be the first one to join! I promise to write a rip snorting story telling all your little secrets.....wait a minute, I don't know any secrets! Well, crap :(

Damn it if you don't start the we don't like Cheeky Group By gosh I'm going to.. !!!!

I know, it is depressing. But I refuse to give up. Hopefully everyone will take a deep breath and calm down!!

Oh, goodness. Where would I start. The fighting between groups of people on here is getting quite fast and furious. New groups pop up each day about "leaving a message to my blocker" and hatefilled stories full of accusations about one another. It is petty and disturbing. Not to worry, I promise never to start a "we don't like Cheeky" group, honest!! I feel like I'm in pre-school at times.

wow I don't stop in for a week and all hell breaks loose, what in the world happened????