We Don't Like Cheeky!!

It has come to my attention that group wars as broken out here at EP. I must admit that CheekyGeek and those like her are starting to **** me off!!!... Wait a min. I'M CheekyGeek... Damn it!

Ok what's my problem anyway??? Just who do I think I am.. Gosh darn it. Where do I get off thinking that perverts should stop trolling... And what is my malfunction thinking that people have an obligation to treat one another decently.. You would think I would stop having a back bone,, but Nooooo I just keep right on ...... "Thinking".... pffff Craziness, the gaul of me to... THINK..... if everyone started to actually think and treat other people with decency where would this world be.. to hell in a hand basket that's where... oh wait... no it wouldn't



CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
11 Responses Feb 11, 2010


OMG ROFLMAO!! You are too fun :)

noo giggles did you get that flu anyway :(

Indeed consider my cookies untossed :)

there's been quite enough of THAT carry-on...no tossing of cookies. :P

Hahaha, No, I already tossed the cookies today....ewww, most unpleasant!

Fine... you can be flavor of the week, but I get soup of the day :P wait, I don't have to toss the cookies.. do I ?? 0.o

...how dare you! I want to be flavour of the week! give me back my cookies!

Hmmm....I see your point. People like that goody two shoes giggles just make me sick. I think I'll come over to the Dark Side....sounds like more fun!

. Role models are immature , all caring and thoughtful.... pff it's blatant irresponsibility, thats what it is!!

Hahahaha you are a pip! I love this story....and that's right! Just who do you think you are trying to be a good role model and uplifting and friendly. What the hell is your problem anyway????