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English Is My 2nd Language - Sarcasm Is My 1st!

Sarcasm is not just a choice - it's a way of life! =)

If I didn't have my charming, dark sarcasm to get me through the day - I would cry. 

Not being a drama queen...I've truly had more than my fair share of tragedy and trauma throughout my life. People who get to know me and learn my history are shocked - hands down, every single time. You might as well picture that cartoon-character 'jaw drop' reaction!! You can try to judge this book by it's cover but you'll be way off. As they say, appearances are deceiving. I've learned to blend in, fly under the radar even!

But the universe must think I'm a regular Armstrong because it keeps adding to my load. If our challenges in life are lessons - I must have signed up for the PhD of Life 101 and then some! 

But seriously, making light of it all and being a total smart-*** at times (better to be a smart-*** than a dumb-****, I say) is what has kept me alive and as close to sane as I get.

I CAN be serious and I know when it's best to shelter those around me from the amazing sarcasmic web I weave. But life is so BORING without it!! And way too hard to handle.

I feel bad for those who take things too seriously - usually the same folks who take what I say too seriously. Through the years, my sarcastic radar has improved and I can usually tell within a couple minutes if someone speaks my language or not. Like minded people gravitate toward eachother - so I'm surrounded by smart-***** and I love it! We are family, we speak the same language and we 'get-it'.

I have a hard time really connecting with people who don't use sarcasm. It gives me the creeps, actually! It feels so 'flat'. Like walking into a big, empty auditorium and yelling out "hello!" but there's no echo - it's just not right, I tell you!
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Love it!! I too am sometimes a little to sarcastic for some people. Generally, my greatest friends and allies are like me and we have such a laugh about life. I have had an awful year and an ironically black sense of humour and my deeply sarcastic friends have got to be the only things that have got me through. Only trouble is, I've been told that I intimidate me with my sharp wit so I may be single forever more!

Haha. I keep yelling out "Hello" in the Far East.

i am just like you i have had a tramatic life i have MS to start out I've been arrested before for not doing any thing i have sezurres alot and i have been shot at by some guy but i get sent to jail and he didnt

I totally agree with "Better to be a smart a** than a dumas" But I've gotten in trouble alot for being sarcastic. I used to have a job where I was supposed to be politically correct, and needless to say I don't work there anymore.

I hope your not married! Doubt it would last very long. Perhaps its your age young,witty and to few charming.I expect if your sarcasm is tasteful and harmless then why not as long as the receiver finds it funny! sorry to hear you've had a rough ride Many of us have but really no need to get sarcastic about things.

When I read your story I did a double take to make sure I hadn't written it. One of my signature phrases has always been it's better to be a smart *** than a dumb ***. Sarcasm is a lifestyle choice. It's nice to meet a fellow devotee.

I hear you, using sarcasm makes life more bearable perhaps, but it still is a form of anger. And depression is supposedly just suppressed anger. So...the way I see it; if you've had a ****** life (and I have, and sounds like you have too), then your anger and bitterness is justified. Then comes the decision----to be depressed about it....or vent some of that anger by spewing out some sarcasm to those oblivious dipwads who don't get it anyway. IMO Sarcasm (when executed correctly), is a sign of experience and wit.

I used to be sarcastic a lot. Not so much now, as I don't feel threatened the way I used to. Now I am more direct and honest.<br />

Well , keep scramming with the life as much as possible because that’s the only path to go through the tunnel , we need a lot of power too to drive our lorded truck to no where and drop the load then let me know what more you have , I love what you wrote,<br />
Good day, <br />

I feel ya. Hell, sarcasm has been my lil buddy forever.

I feel ya. Hell, sarcasm has been my lil buddy forever.