I Am Sarcastic And People Get Fustrated With Me For It

some people can't always tell when I am being sarcastic it makes things funnier for me but sometimes people are really annoyed by it... so funny 
rainbowminx rainbowminx
4 Responses Jan 26, 2012

nice to know someone understands lol

so am i and actually my fiend stopped talking to me i asked her why and she said your to sarcastic i hate it

yeah its happened to me too


heck ya! lol

LOL it always makes me laugh when someone says heck. not in a nasty way its just a word you NEVER hear in england. i kind of doesnt make sense lol

I am very sarcastic myself and ppl cant tell when im mad or when im not mad or when im being sreious or not and it makes me laugh so much so dont worry about it..thats how you are and they just need a sense of humor