Like It Or Lump It .

Sarcasm is large part of my personality , if you can't deal with that I suggest you give me a wide berth . I am who I am , you don't have to like me , I'm really not bothered . However if you wish to criticise me for it I suggest you go do one .
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6 Responses Feb 11, 2012

Or, alternatively - Rawr! ;)

You are now delving so far back I have little recollection of the stories I wrote! This could get interesting!!! Ekkkk!!!!

I'm just hop, skipping & a jumping about. This is my February selection. ;)

Most people have some sarcasim intheir nature.

Kudos to you. I feel the same way. Good for you.

So many people fail to grasp either sarcasm or irony, I think that's a shame, makes life more fun at times though!!!


Why is it most members of this "project" cannot seem to grasp the meaning of sarcasm and frequently fail to recognise it? It makes for fun either way but can become somewhat boorish.

Like it! Like it! Like it! :D

Cheers Angel !

Mental health is a huge part of mine as are the roles of Bette Davis in her sarcastic roles. Sorry noy sarcasm but clever wit!:)