Ooops: I Didn't Mean To Upset Anyone!

...... are names, to protect identities, if you don't mind!

So on Friday, I had just had my brace refitted, which made me snappy, agitated, and above all, sarcastic. I made a rather stupid and sarcastic comment to a slightly sensitive girl in my class, and suddenly she started to cry. It wasn't even a horrible or offensive thing; just something she didn't expect me to say. Everyone stared at me, as lots of people upset her (She doesn't have many friends - sounds horrible but is true.) but no-one has ever made her cry in a lesson before. I immediately ran over, despite our science teacher claiming how if anyone left their seats, it would be a detention, and told her how I am so sorry, and how I honestly didn't mean to make her cry. This is how the conversation went:

"......, I'm sorry! I never meant to upset you, I really am sorry. It was a stupid thing to say, really horrible of me!"
"I know, but you are one of the only girls who are usually nice to me, and now you've really hurt me!"
"I know, and I feel really, really bad for it, ........., try and upset me, go on, say something really nasty to me, go on!"
"*SNIFF* I can't, ........., I feel awful saying horrible things!"

It carries on for a little while, but I manage to calm her, and she accepts my apology. However, all the class are still glaring at me (especially people who try to be nice to her) and saying awful things. What is worst, I think, is how I try to get along with her, and try to understand her, but it is so difficult sometimes, as she is a little "mystical" and "fairytale - like" as she believes in pixies, not to mention foreign dragons. Oh, and that Hogwarts is real. Know what I'm saying?

I apologised once again on that night over Facebook, and she instantly replied back with a "Don't worry about it, stop beating yourself up!!!" She also told me how she's written a song about how she has been made to feel, and that is when I really felt for her, as I've written a song about my current friendship and relationship issues.
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That doesn't sound "slightly" sensitive. It sounds uber to me. And I wouldn't coddle to someone like that. I suppose I'm really INsensitive when it comes to a number of things.