Sarcastic Confession

yes, i admit it.  i am sarcastic ... but only when i'm awake.

for those of you who believe sarcasm is cruel or can get out of hand all i have to say is ... i imagine, in all reality, that sarcasm is, for the most part, a defense mechanism.  not only that but, sarcasm requires a high degree of wit.  wit, my friends, requires, at the very least, a bit more intelligence than your average, everyday 'goofball/cheeseball' possess. 

for those of you who believe in evolution (not in a Darwin way but rather the mental and emotional growth and maturity of humankind via adaptation to one's surroundings) ... i would only like to say that i truly believe sarcasm is the intelligent person's defense mechanism against being dumbed down by society. 

for those of you who believe sarcasm is, at best, inhumane ... ban stupidity.  when this happens i'm certain there will be a dramatic decline in sarcasm.


who knows?!?!?

from: the incoherent babblings and snippets of a sarcastic cynic a.k.a. AbbyNormal


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Brilliant! Ping! You just helped me sum up the worship of idealology. Putting the image of man above nature.

Thing is there is a fine line between being clever and actually just plain rude. Cute, witty comments timed just right are great, but the fact of the matter is that way too many people are messing around with banter at the expense of others. I'm not saying live your lives holding your tongue and think before you talk for fear of offending someone. I'm saying stop categorising those of us who don't like to rip into each other from every angle as weak minded or boring! I don't surround myself with bitchy, self obsessed, power hungry people who leave me "on guard" 24/7 for a reason..because it keeps me well adjusted and fairly happy! Not because I'm dim or slow.

Oh, it takes very little for me to be sarcastic; there is plenty of sarcasm in my artwork. I guess because sarcasm is the obvious. And it is the obvious that most people miss--like a snake by our feet that gets mistaken by a belt of some kind until it strikes :-)

I love sarcasm and irony, but find so many people (or idiots) don't get it, so often it's wasted, but it's so great if you find someone who gets it, cos then you can really get going on them! Keep it up Abby Normal.

Sarcasm is an intelligent person's reaction to stupidity and/or cruelty. It falls right in there with a good old fashion rolling of the eyes or facial grimace. Personally, I can't help it or control it, nor would I want to. Sarcasm is simply a way of saying, you're not fooling anyone.<br />
<br />
If you're looking for a response to the idiocy you see all around you, just ask yourself......what would Monty Python do?

Sarcasm is fine, but its obnoxious to go around saying hi guys im really sarcastic. Haha look at my shirt it says im sarcastic too.

Thank you, AW! =D

Ha - I love it!!!

Sounds like a fair deal ... Perhaps I shall order one as well!

I'm getting a mug made for my sister this Christmas:<br />
<br />
I'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter

it helps me get by ... lol ... so if it helps you as well, i say go with it! ;-)

You just made me feel better about being a sarcastic person. I like your explanation that it's the defense mechanism of the intelligent. I'm gonna just go with that!

TOO many!

i'll sign. how many mickey mouses do you think they'll be?