I've been told that I am so good with my sarcasm, it's hard to tell if I am actually being serious or not. As a "tell" I used to smile.  A friend of mine years ago, when I'd say something and she wasn't sure if I was being sarcastic or not, would make sure to look me right in the face to check for the smile.

The one main memory I have with my sarcasm is...There was this other girl I knew, she hated it when I was sarcastic with her.  She said it made her feel bad, that she "didn't get it".  She wasn't used to dealing with it.

Some time went by, I went and met her parents. Turned out, her mom was the most sarcastic person I had ever met.   Queen Sarcastic.  It blew me away.  This girl really gave me the impression that she isn't used to dealing with sarcasm, yet she's exposed to it, daily.
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That's probably why it hurt her so much. Her mom was probably mean to her a lot.

it so funny, QueenSarcastic

You must do you...You can only be what you are, right? Hugs, LW