Life Is So Much Better With Sarcasm

 My really close friends know never to believe a word I say. But some people that I work with that have never hung out with me outside of work just dont understand.  They will look at me like "Is this chick for real?"

 I love my personality and wouldnt want to change it for anything. I definitely became this way because of my mother. We have the same personality.

One of my best friends say that I am one of the best at sticking to a straight face, to the point where even he isnt sure if I am joking around or what.

Life is so much better with sarcasm.

Trust me.

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3 Responses Jun 28, 2007

Haha sarcasm is great. I like your story. I don't know if its my lack of ex<x>pression or maybe I am good at telling jokes... I have confused a lot of people at work too :) Then sometimes I am talking seriously to one of my employees and he just disregards it as if it were a joke and I have to repeat it 3 times and describe to him that it is not a joke before he takes it seriously lol... ah the fun :)<br />
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Interesting comment, ElLagarto.. perhaps I agree.. I would say I am timid at times...

Sarcasm is a device used by the timid to insulate themselves from the imagined negative consequences of intimacy, assuming that intimacy is even possible in a world populated by idiots.<br />
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Q. Was my comment intended to be sarcastic or not?

As A commited Jester, I cannot agree more. Proof that it is better to give than receive, in this case.<br />
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Repartee' is fun indeed!