So this one time I was asked by a friend only a day before homecoming if I wanted to go with him. When he got to my house to pick me up, my mom told me not to do anything stupid. And I responded with, "No mom, I'm just gonna shoot up meth in the bathroom."
She chuckled a little, but I took a step towards the door then said, "I'm just gonna do some krokodil."
She stared at me and let out a little "heh.."
But I kept at it by saying, "I'm just gonna shove a tequila soaked tampon up my *** before we get there."

It was pretty cruel, but yeah. As far as sarcasm goes, I pretty much cross the line every time. (:
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Do you have any idea how quickly alcohol can enter the blood stream when it's taken anally? Maybe you should go with something 20 proof ;)

In for a penny in for a pound

lol You Just have 2

2 what?

sometimes you have to be sarcastic makes life fun