Honestly I'm one of the most sarcastic people ever, and some people take most of the things I say personally. But I'm always joking around so people need to just chill...
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Omfg that sentence is my life..

There's two sentences.

Omfg THOSE sentences are my life. :/

There ya go.

Thank you for correcting me spelling bee king ;D

It's my job.

How much money do you make? ;D


A year :(

;( Im so sorry for you.

Yeah ep is cheap :/

They should give you more money. You clearly deserve it.

I know right.

Keep working hard!

It's not enough. Im gonna have to become a.. a.. PROSTITUTE !

THE HORROR!!!!! Do you live with your mom?

Yes lmao

I'm so sorry, god bless. Go to church every Sunday and let Jesus into your body.

LMAO. I see what you did there.


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But your words hurt 3

When have my words ever hurt you?

Speaking of sarcasm 😐

What did I do to you?


Are you sure?

Are you messing with me -.-

No why?

Your words haven't hurt me., I'm messing with you ._.

Okay good :)

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Thts me too I'm sarcastic and a smartass

you're such a ***** for saying that ;)

I really am ;)