Yeah right ..... just an example of my sarcasm.

Wolf vs eagle: The wolf wins because it can jump up to 100000 feet and it can fly.

Wolf vs lion (one on one, let's say they're on a Roman coliseum, where no one interferes): It's so obvious, the wolf still wins, c'mon guys. The lion cannot stand a chance because it's not using its paws and jaws and they don't know how to groundfight, so they don't have an advantage versus the wolf.

Wolf vs porcupine: Relax, the wolf still wins because it can swallow the porcupine needles with no problem.

Wolf vs shark: -Sigh- this next opponent don't know when to give up. The wolf still wins because it can drink saltwater and can possibly survive in the ocean for years.

Wolf vs giant anaconda: After being swallowed alive by the giant anaconda, it goes through the stomach and the wolf can just maneuver its way until it reaches the snake's anus because snakes don't chew.

So yeah ... sarcasm.
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yeah ..... definitely ....