Boy: Want to go to the cinema?
Girl: To see a movie?
Boy: No, to count the seats.
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I thought every guy did that.

Did what. ....use sarcasm?

Haha love it


For real don't you have something you need to do like complain about that old chestnut tree or the price of milk....get off the dam net you pervs ........dreaming souls this site is a bit gross safe

Yeah, i've noticed. It's a good site and everything but there are some weird creeps and pervs here. I'll try to, thanks for your concern.

Why are there 50+yo men responding wtf

I don't know.. ._.

Are you any more qualified than I am to respond here? Not all men over 50 are pervs with a naked torso avatar like yours. Look in the mirror bub



add me?!

Don't let it go to your head but you're a genius