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I am sarcastic only when it counts. Such as ... when I am looking at a menu at a restaurant that has absolutely no pictures of its entrees and the person across from me asks .. "Do you see anything you like" ... uhm ... heelllooo ... there are no pictures on the menu .. of course I don't see anything I like ... I can read my options ... I just won't beable to see it till the waiter or waitress brings me my meal. It feels like a surprise that way. You read the description and it sounds great ... but once you get your meal ... it's like ... WHAT!! I ordered this!!
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You're so right. People should ask if you read anything you like, because obviously reading is dramatically different than seeing. A whole different sense, really. Otherwise you might be able to see the name of something you want on the menu and that'd just be wrong in so many ways.

Are you serious!!! They have pictures of the food on the cash register keys?? <br />
<br />
I am TOTALLY going to check this out the next time I am in a restaurant. I'm already excited! Hahaha <br />
<br />

If you lean over the counter, you can see<br />
that some restaurants have tiny pictures of<br />
each of the food item for sale on the cash <br />
register keys. I hope this helps.

or we could all form a single file line moving from one table to the next interviewing the patrons as to what they ordered and how it was ... cuz God knows that restaurateurs are not going to help us visually inclined people out. what i love most about a menu is a picture of an entree that doesn't have it's name denoted. this drives me mad. what i love most about waiters and waitresses is the last question they ask, "would you like change?" how freaking rude! give me my change and i'll leave for you what i deem appropriate. perhaps the bill is $20 and all i had was a $100 bill - do they honestly believe that i'm tipping their stupid butt $80? maybe i was going to initially but the gig was up once they asked that stupid and rude question. ARGH!

you know what, you're right... that's fine!

I loved this, I know where your comming from. All menus should have a pic next too it so you know what it is and looks like. Or they could bring lil samples of everything out.