Hail The Holly King --

Well I attended a live online Full Moon Yule Ritual tonight. When Mistress Stephanie cut the air with a feather quill?(I think that was what it was, that's what I saw), the "Z" that she cut into the air was sizzling in the air, it was purple and it did not dissipate for at least 30 seconds. I don't know what that means, but it was interesting.
I'm still finding myself-- one month I think i'm traditional, the next, i'm thinking i'm gnostic. I'm thinking that i'm just my own type of Satanist, I don't seem to fit into a category. Like she cast a circle and then she called forth the elements for the ritual, at the end she asked them to depart. I did my own ritual at the same time, but I just could not ask those elements, Lilith and the Holly King to depart. I asked them to never depart from me, and for the circle to never be broken. I felt comforted by their presence. I don't ever want them to leave me. So i'm learning that I am independent in my Satanism. -
I live a strange life anyway. I can seriously tell you that the dead are everywhere. They are in your homes, cars, libraries, outside. Everywhere. So seeing spirits does not frighten me-- how can demons-- I already have one of those-- The elements can only be a blessing that i'm wanting to keep around me always.
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Lol did you ask GOD for help? Did you ever truly come to GOD? You guys complain he hasn't done anything for you and didn't even try. Your a human.He's been studying his craft for millenniums (100 years). He makes bad things happen to you then comes as a savior when he knows you wouldnt to turn anywhere else. He gives you materialistic things and He can give you feelings and speak to you. He knows how to influence a people. Doe he expect something in return from you? How is that love? What can satan give you that GOD cant give you greater? I've been depressed and cursed GOD out from left to right and doubted him and blamed him but I never gave up and you know what I got answers at the end of they day.

Even ex satanists, high priests say, satan goes for those who are easy targets. The ones who feel empty, sad, depressed, vulnerable, mad, jealous, suicidal. GOD even saved people who sacrificed kids, cursed him out, and blamed him. They called the devil there father but, still GOD saved them and allowed them eternal happiness in heaven.

Ive seen hell, which is why I tell people this. The devil has come to me so many times, especially in the night. He showed me a contract too but I never agreed to him. I want true love (I don't have to be perfect and sacrifice or agree to do whatever), the unconditional love GOD has for me even though I did all that and still sin now.

Satanists who are athiestical (probably not a word but you know what I mean) are an image of satan because like you he is the star of his world and it's easy to be an athiest until your close to death. Then you think what if?

Satan himself couldn't achieve god hood.


i also think of myself as an individual satanist glad to see there's others like me

i am a Gnostic Satanist.i share in your confusion and individuality.for a while(while i was a new Satanist) i searched for what could "classify" me.eventually i found Gnostic.but for a while i did think i was an individual Satanist.

Traditional Gnostic Satanism is a form of Thestic Satanism. <br />
Traditional Gnostic Satanists view Satan as the bestower of gnosis (knowledge, insight) and place great emphasis on the Serpent in the book of Genesis whom they interpret to be one of many emanations or incarnations of Satan. It follows the ancient tradition of the Orphites.<br />
The Orphites, or Orphians were diverse gnostic groups such as the Nasseners, the Sethians, the Mandeans, the Perates and the Borborites, which were spreading in North Africa and the Middle east in 100 CE. These groups stressed great importance on the biblical Adam and Eve myth and connected the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil) to gnosis (Knowledge and Insight).<br />
I hope this is of help to you MarkFree and Agaro. If you have more questions, i'll find the answers for you or anyone who asks. -- Ave Satanas

I share your wanting to be possessed. Can you tell me what a gnostic is?