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Why Yes, Yes I Am A Satanist

I am a spiritual satanist and have been for a year now. I dedicated a few days after my birthday and even though I've gone through much doubt and hardship I haven't turned my back. Yes thinking about doing so I have but I always remember true and good causes to stay. My afterlife is what I make it and it is in Hell. heh Hell is bigger than Earth and I know how wonderful it'll be. Anyway your afterlife is what you make it so being a satanist doesn't scare me like it use to. I'm quite happy and hope o find more fellow satanist like myself.
HellsBaby99 HellsBaby99 16-17, F 6 Responses Jun 13, 2011

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Awesome an not to mention the feelings one gets intensifies mmmmmm . Awesome welcome!! N

I am a satanist dedicated in July 2014 its not always an easy path but father satan does answer you and give you signs. Learning to get to know him every day

Awesome! I just made the commitment today. So glad to see fellow spiritual satanists around. So far I'm happier than I've ever been. Satan is a wonderful perfect true god. The real god! He's given me what the Christian god ignored and mocked. Satan is my savior.

I have been a Spiritual Satainst for years and I am absolutely and compltetely happy with it! The choice I made to dedicate my soul to Satan years ago was BY FAR the best decision I ever made!!! To anyone who may read this and is thinking of committing, I STRONGLY urge you to go ahead and do it. This is something that you will never regret. I will tell you right now, without any hesitation, SATAN IS THE ONE AND ONLY GOD! He is real, He is wonderful, and He is most definitely my own personal God. I am extremely proud of that fact, and I encourage everyone to commit as soon as possible!

I did and you are right as right can be! I worship him with pride! Satan grants us so much more in our lives. He's given me what God at one point ignored and responded to with more misery and misfortune. Satan is the true good honest god! Hail Satan!

I am looking into satanism and im looking into the ritual binding me but you really want to be a satanist check out a sebsite called it will give you all the info you need

I use that web site I am to looking into this subject please message me

Best site <3 Its honest, logical, to the point. Perfect place to start learning about the subject.

I am definitely interested in becoming a spiritual satanist, I just need time to kill some of the wrong images of Satan and Demons in my head. I hope that I am able to be a Satanist soon.

You've found me - Mark