Why Yes, Yes I Am A Satanist

I am a spiritual satanist and have been for a year now. I dedicated a few days after my birthday and even though I've gone through much doubt and hardship I haven't turned my back. Yes thinking about doing so I have but I always remember true and good causes to stay. My afterlife is what I make it and it is in Hell. heh Hell is bigger than Earth and I know how wonderful it'll be. Anyway your afterlife is what you make it so being a satanist doesn't scare me like it use to. I'm quite happy and hope o find more fellow satanist like myself.
HellsBaby99 HellsBaby99
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4 Responses Jun 13, 2011

Awesome! I just made the commitment today. So glad to see fellow spiritual satanists around. So far I'm happier than I've ever been. Satan is a wonderful perfect true god. The real god! He's given me what the Christian god ignored and mocked. Satan is my savior.

I am looking into satanism and im looking into the ritual binding me but you really want to be a satanist check out a sebsite called joyofsatan.com it will give you all the info you need

I use that web site I am to looking into this subject please message me

Best site <3 Its honest, logical, to the point. Perfect place to start learning about the subject.

I am definitely interested in becoming a spiritual satanist, I just need time to kill some of the wrong images of Satan and Demons in my head. I hope that I am able to be a Satanist soon.

You've found me - Mark