I Sent This To Herr :)

okay this is a kind of long one :)
basically, i was missing my girl, and when i got to the computer i wrote these few paragraphs for her.
its not a poem or a song or anything like that, just a few sweet words.
i get like this alot with her, and i guess i am one of the few guys left in this world, who doesnt beleive that romance and love is dead.
it lives on through us all.
this is what i sent:

i went for a cig before i had my tea, and i was sat on the doorstep
outside looking up, but not at the sky, into the sky. noticing how
deep it goes, and how far away from anything the earth is. and then
i realised that its almost impossible that we even know each other.
there are an uncountable amount of living things in this universe,
yet, somehow, we were put together.
how is it that there are 6.1
billion people in the world, and i even know that one person perfect
for me? how lucky is it that we met with the vast knowledge, and
infinite space within our universe, beyond our cityscapes, beyond
the clouds, beyond the sky as far as we can even see, beyond everything
we know, love and take for granted. and yet, i met you. i was
put with you.
there is no way of proving it, there is no way of
showing it, there isnt even beautiful enough words in our language,
or any other language, to say it right, but i know your meant for me,
i dont know how i know that, or why i even know it, but i do know.
just like i know how to breath without ever being taught how.
i guess looking up at the sky showed me how lucky i am to even know you.

i could have been born in any country, any town, but i was born into a
place where i would eventually find the one living organism in this
entire universe that im supposed to fall in love with.
what are the chances of us picking the same college to go to? what
are the chances we would even pick the same course course?

just the fact that i am with you, and you love me and i love you
comes down to pure luck. and i am literally the luckiest person
in the world. everyone who knows you are the luckiest people in the
world, but that one thing that makes me luckier is that we are in
love, and we are always going to be there for each other for the rest
of our lives.
even beyond the rest of our lives, i have been lucky
enough to meet you, i honestly beleive that i will be lucky enough
that there is an afterlife, and i will be able to meet you again, and
reunite our hearts, and become lost in our own forever.
thehappyfringe thehappyfringe
1 Response Aug 25, 2011

I hate it when guys say "I'm so special! You'll never find another guy like me!!" and it's because you're inherently sexist against other guys! Lol. You think all guys are sexual pigs, but because deep deep deep down inside, you have a fragment of hope for romance, you're convinced you're rare! x)<br />
<br />
I'm sorry for the rant, you just confirmed something I had suspect for quite some time. On the month of June this year, I had 5 completely different guys tell me they were such catches! So rare. I would NEVER find another guy like them. And I was like "Umm... okay.. sure, stud.. Apparently I have such luck for finding rare gems! Unfortunately, it's still not what I'm looking for." xD We need a little more than just mediocre to evolve as humans. Ok, so you're human. Part of you is very sexual, the other part is, you know.. more complex than that. Grats. :P