I'm Not, But Interested

Satanism has many aspects that appeals to me.  It is bold, daring, and self-respecting.  It challenges modern religious thinking and morals.  It is the advocate for thinking for yourself, lack of stupidity, following your beliefs not with blindness but with research, certainty, and your own thoughts and path, and clear-sighted views on morality.  It hedges on self-survivalism and self-responsibility.  It is a rebellious sword edged with taunting and mockery towards all who would think to cut the person down or attempt to make them conform.  It is the religion that teenagers can hold on to.  It is the religion that can evolve with the youth to old age.  You decorate your own sword as you grow.

I don't really plan to be a Satanist, but that could change.  I have that choice.  I'm content for now to be an Atheist, with my own set of rules and beliefs and definitions of morality.  I just have an ability to paint what each religion looks like to me and that is how Satanists appear to me.  I like that it is mildly ironic, for example, that Satanists actually do not believe in the Christian Devil.  I find it interesting when Christians are terrified of Satanists, believing they are out to convert them to the 'Dark Side'.  In reality, Satanists' 'Dark Side' is nothing more than need for harmony, respect, vengeance, humanity, and acknowledging human inclinations for what they are rather than rebuking them as sinful.

It irks me when I find writings from people that don't do their research or respect other religions quite enough.  You see, to me, there are dark, mean-spirited people in each religion that will take certain aspects of religion and twists them to their use.  That's the way it goes, they are everywhere.  However, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch for many, and this is often the case for the very feared and misunderstood Satanists.  Then, because of this, they are painted as, yes, Satanic; goat masks, dark hood, blood sacrifices, cults.  Christians have their own history of cults as much as Satanism does, and yet it is the Satanists that is portrayed the ugliest.  I suppose it is to be expected.  It just irks me on a higher level than is necessary because it shows me that people would rather be afraid than to learn about their own surroundings, about the people, about diversity; hence, learn the real side to Satanism.

In the end, it's alright.  This is an age-old struggle for truth amongst the masses.  Old struggle against fear.  An old struggle for true self-understanding. 

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Lol did you ask GOD for help? Did you ever truly come to GOD? You guys complain he hasn't done anything for you and didn't even try. Your a human.He's been studying his craft for millenniums (100 years). He makes bad things happen to you then comes as a savior when he knows you wouldnt to turn anywhere else. He gives you materialistic things and He can give you feelings and speak to you. He knows how to influence a people. Doe he expect something in return from you? How is that love? What can satan give you that GOD cant give you greater? I've been depressed and cursed GOD out from left to right and doubted him and blamed him but I never gave up and you know what I got answers at the end of they day.

Even ex satanists, high priests say, satan goes for those who are easy targets. The ones who feel empty, sad, depressed, vulnerable, mad, jealous, suicidal. GOD even saved people who sacrificed kids, cursed him out, and blamed him. They called the devil there father but, still GOD saved them and allowed them eternal happiness in heaven.

Ive seen hell, which is why I tell people this. The devil has come to me so many times, especially in the night. He showed me a contract too but I never agreed to him. I want true love (I don't have to be perfect and sacrifice or agree to do whatever), the unconditional love GOD has for me even though I did all that and still sin now.

Satanists who are athiestical (probably not a word but you know what I mean) are an image of satan because like you he is the star of his world and it's easy to be an athiest until your close to death. Then you think what if?

Satan himself couldn't achieve god hood.

I like this. "you decorate your own sword" You're already a satanist, the word is just a label to give identity to the thought. It's great to see people living and THINKING on their own. You restore my hope for humanity.

Oh and original poster, thank you for saying Satanism is a religion instead of reversing it. =)

What?!<br />
<br />
Satan appeared in the Bible first. <br />
<br />
The LaVeyan Satanism IS a RELIGIOUS group. <br />
<br />
No. I could care less if you are a Satanist. But don't sit there and say it's not religion because it is. It's a label. Just like Judaism. Christianity. Satanism..

Satanism is a celebration of self.

^^ Oh and my question is based off of the Satanic Bible. We all know the Bible stems from way back when (Adam, Eve, etc etc etc etc) soooooo, that sparks my curiosity when Satanists say that Christ isn't real; yet the "Bible" is reformed in their own perspective.<br />
Yes I have read the Satanic Bible. Please don't give me a lecture on this. I am only asking because the best knowledge is learned from those who believe.

May I ask? Wouldn't Satanism be considered it's own religion? <br />
<br />
You frown upon religion yet classify Satanism as its own belief "system" per se.<br />
<br />
I don't get the "Don't believe in Satan" thing. What is that about? What do you worship? Look to?<br />
<br />

Why bother with satanism? Just become atheist.

Hi, i read your blog which was quite insightful btw. I would suggest you read a copy of the Satanic Bible(which is easy to find on the net in pdf form). To see what it's really all about. <br />
<br />
I've read the book and think that it gives excellent advise on how to get what you want in life, which is Satanisms big appeal to everyone. I advocate the advice, which i think is just basic psychology. I mean the book was written partly by a man in the 1960's. <br />
<br />
I am an atheist but i do beleve in magick because i realized that life without magick and mystery is very predictable and stale, and i could never be a full human being without some of it in mine.

Very nicely stated. Thanks for sharing.

Isn't it a bit like clothing? Religion, or a lack thereof, seems to be a sort of cloak for people. I didn't say I might be a satanist, I said I could be one day if it feels right to me. However, like augustskies said, I'll just be live life. <br />
<br />
I talk about things that interest me, and in this case, not things that I really am. I know I am atheistic and not Satanic at all. Although, atheists can be satanists, in the sense that Satanism isn't about a god or anything. The term 'atheism' literally means no belief in god or a rejection of a god. 'Theism' is a belief in a god or goddess, as well as polytheism which is a belief in multiple gods/goddesses. <br />
<br />
Oh, and uh, no, not left-handed at all. Mostly right-handed. I can't claim ambidexterity. :P


Is it? I didn't think it was as organized as it could be. There are definitely Christians that are afraid of Satanists, but not all of them are. I just find it interesting when some of them are because most Satanists have a principle of not doing any converting, but more of a 'each man for himself' sort of thing.<br />
<br />
Anyway, thank you, Betty.<br />
<br />
Thank you, as well, Wilson, although it didn't really seem like a compliment to me. I'm flattered that my words seem mature, at least. :)

I live by the principals of satanisim. I knew it but I dont think loving yourself is copywrited by satanco.<br />
<br />
So I simply think of it as my idea.<br />
<br />
Wow, what a ego I have. I am such an ***.<br />
<br />
But I love it.

No, I don't even think the Devil exists. I don't mind the principles of Satanism. I'm really just happy being atheist, haha.

I am all out for myself.<br />
<br />
Athiest to a satanist? So you START beliving in the devil or just use the system thats in the religion?<br />
<br />
Kind of wierd. <br />
<br />
Just live life, do what makes you happy and belive what you want.<br />
<br />
Wear a goats mask with a halo and wings. Confuse the **** out of them.

Well, it could mean that, but it could also mean that while secure, and because of being so secure, that their belief is the only right way. I would say that's why it's frowned upon to look at any others besides theirs.

Most religions frown on (to say the least) the open minded explorations of other faiths. Does that mean that these particular faiths are not secure in their own professions of elite authority?