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Hi all, I am Theistic Satanist and also practice some goetic demonolatry.  I started off just being curious and intrigued about the religion, but gradually became deeply involved in it.  This path is underestimated. :)

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Believe in "god" and the spirit world? Theistic Satanists (well me anyways) don't believe in the god of abraham. We believe in Satan, Lucifer and His Daemons. People who believe in god and Satan but worship Satan are Orthodox Devil Worshippers and they are just as f-ucked up as Christians. <br />
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Satanist for 6 years. <br />
Ave Omnipotens Aeternae Satana

Im a Coven Leader of Lucifers Coven of the Truth and were also Theistic Satanist. Its very refreshing to see so many of my fellow brothers and sister alive and well Spreading Lucifers Truth and not the lies in the Bible Hail Lucifer So Mote It Be

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Ace exactly the same path Im following at the moment. Its good stuff.

Maybe, but Theistic Satanism and demonolatry is sort of in between LHP and RHP, as we still believe in god and the spirit world, and have them to support us. We don't have to do it all alone.:)