The Gate Opened

I had the great misfortune to be raised in a Christian household, however the forced indoctrination and weekly "bible class" in my tiny private school allowed me to see the flaws in Christianity. Elementary school was hell. I never understood why none of my fellow students saw things like I did, why none of the teachers did. With every authority figure and "peer" blinded by their faith I was forced to find things out on my own.   

I discovered Satanism around the age of 8-9, in the form of a small brown paperback book. I don't think I'll ever be able to express the tremendous feeling of coming home. I wasn't wrong, other people actually knew what the hell was going on. Every trace of fear and doubt left, replaced with pride and confidence.

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9 Responses Jan 5, 2010

Well, hate to inform you, but WE have been CONFUSED with the JASHINISTS....Yes, the JASHINISTS.... Saying that their religion is all bad and such..... Its terrible!

Amen! (pun intended LOL!!) You and I are in most of the same Groups here; I feel as if you're a Sister/Brother from another Mother so yeah! Hope you addy me as a friend; love your Insight on shtuff...<br />
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Well thank you, I'll have to make a point to read some of your posts.

I thank you most kindly for your words LC87. <br />
Alternatesource: humorous though it may be, it is true regardless.<br />
Lastly: Shai. I'm incredibly curious as to why you felt the need to actually post on a satanic sympathizing page. Are you attempting to minister, or perhaps are you just a troll?

I really admire you

There are certainly people who are born to not understand the Scriptures, and to stay in the illusion that being with GOD is better. GOD only requires One thing from us, and that is for us to love. Love Him with our whole hearts mind soul and strength, and to love each other. How difficult is that? <br />
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A lot of people walk this earth believing they do things themselves, yet live within the 2 commandments "of love". <br />
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Being a satanists, is just being rebellious. Human beings have only one power, which is "choice". Remember that if and when you are selected to be used by the demons..

The same can be said about you not understanding Muslim, Celtic, or other scriptures...

Do you not see how small minded you're being?

That's like if Celtic Mythology calls out to me and I share it with someone... And they don't understand the amazing complexities behind the legends and "symbolic/metaphoric" stories of love....

So I call them "born unable to understand." Wtf?

It's called human diversity. It's not opposing your male god, HE is opposing IT. ;)

I'm not small minded at all, and your reasoning is very human nature, not spiritual in nature. There are no complexities of a belief, if it's the truth, for truth is simple. Legends and myths were created for entertainment, not to follow or live by. Do you not see how blind you are?

That's too funny! <br />
An eight year old "finding and reading" a book on satanism...

I had a library card. Do you think it spontaneously appaerd as if by magic?

I saw the ridiculousness of the christian mythology, from god knocking up a teenage mom through his levitating into "heaven". I realized the whole self deprecating, I am not worry attitude was useless. I believe that "sinners" are better people to hang out with (of course so did jesus). I'd take a prositute over a preacher any day. Sin is fun.

So what did you see that others didnt see? <br />
<br />
What bothered you so much about God?<br />
<br />
All curious to me.<br />
<br />
What is feared or doubted in faith of God?

Which god, Yahweh? He was the inspiration for millions of death (in his bible alone) and then instead of being addressed by name (like all the other respectable god/desses) he demanded to be called "GOD" as if to overrun all others and eventually lead to mass murder of those who didn't accept him.

Weird how supposedly he is beyond gender and yet I have to continuously call him "him."

Your response really shows how little you actually know about YHWH, or understanding the bible. YHWH never caused anyone to die, that was satan using YHWH'S name.... Just like in modern day there are people who do things using YHWH'S name. Terrorists, Christians, Muslims, It is human nature, not Spirit Nature.

shai, have you read the bible?

Same thing happened to me, only I was 19 at the time. Congrats on being so ahead of the curve.