My weight is right where I want it to be now, which is at 165 lbs :D It took awhile but I manage to lose 25-30 lbs and it definitely feels good. Now my next goal is to become more fit 


Update: Now my weight is back up to 171 lbs, but I just found out last Friday that my body fat % is at or around 12.7%

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That doesn't sound bad it all least not to me lol

I'm like 138# sz2-3 cause im 5'7" it sounds like alot cause when i was in great shape i was like 125-130# i was same size tho...hmmm i guess everything was distributed differently lol i was more toned but i always noticed when i would get around 135# i started not to like everything as much in the buff so ya i have some work to do but i just started a few weeks ago!

You don't even wanna know mine uggh!!!

thank you MsJuicyBoo :)

I will be writing in this group I hope... but GREAT for you... JUST great... I'm sooo proud of you :)

*blushes* (((((TP))))) Thanks tendereyes :)

Yeah push-ups are so convenient to do. I just get on the floor and push them out lol. <br />
<br />
Aaaaaand it's pretty cool your son was a wrestler.

My son does push ups too and he's quite fit. He used to lift for wrestling and was almost too ripped.

Not much like I wanted to I guess. But I do have kind of a push-up routine going where I am doing 3-5 sets (1 min. rest in between) of 20-25 push-ups, 3-4 times a week (and I do them at a slightly slow pace).

But you lift too, don't you?

It really does :D All that running paid off ^_^

You look quite fit to me! Good job, TUM. It must give you a good feeling of accomplishment.