Eternal Life

There is no other pleasure in the world that I have experienced that is more joyful than having sex with the woman I love above all other women in the world, even more than I love my mother.

Sex is so great that it feels like a magical way for humans to get a teaser of what it feels like to have eternal life.

I would like to share the rest of my life with someone who loves me.
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6 Responses Nov 9, 2011

This is always be my dream

this is beautiful.

So does that mean your divorce is final?

Nope, not yet but getting there. This post is just me throwing out my thoughts and feelings. I wonder if everybody enters marriage the same way.........

Who knows... I entered marriage absolutely sure of myself... at 26 years of age. How I could possibly have been that naive still boggles my mind. And my wife describes the experience as jumping off a high diving board without knowing if there is any water in the pool. You hope like hell but have no tools to manage anything you encounter. We've been together now for over 30 years and OK, I'm a real stubborn cuss, but this celibacy thing is getting really old. Too bad I still love her.

i did, and i was nearly 40 before i got married .... so it wasnt like i was looking to leave home, or pregant, but he was a refuser...........

It's the one of the only ways we can experience God physically in this life. <br />
<br />
Princess SeeksTheDivine

What a statement! I could not have said it better. I was probably 25 years old before I understood the difference between having sex and making love to a woman. I sure miss that.

I hope you will find someone who will love you the way you want to be loved and will bring back the joy of sex into your life.