Ok You Can Stop Saving Now...

My boyfriend and I decided to save ourselves for marriage. We actually bought rental property together and moved in together too...yet restrained ourselves...we even slept in the same bed!

Flash forward in time to our honeymoon. I slipped in behind him in the shower. Hands moving around to his waist and up his warm chest...he responded by yelling "What are you doing?!" and shoved me back. My head hit the tiles and I fell down. I ran to the bed and cried. He just wanted to take a shower. Eventually we consumated our marriage, but not on our honeymoon.

He was never a very sexual or sensual person. I had never known that. Flash forward to now. After 15 years of a sexless marriage, after 23 years of marriage and 31 years of being together I finally did it....I left.

I am not bashing anyone's desire to wait. It's sweet. It's noble. It's moral. But...

please at least consider my story so that you don't find yourself in the same sitiation so that you don't find yourself with an asexual person many years down the road. I shared my personal story to spare even one person that might benefit...then again, love is blind, isn't it?
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I am very sorry about your past, and very hopeful for your future. At least now, being free, you have an opportunity to live and love well.

Hey girl! I'm not that sorry about my past, but thanks. Just happy to be moving on along. I am however, optomistic.

Wow, just wow. So sorry.

Fast forward to today. If I meet someone (and this will sound crazy) I almost want to have sex with them before I date them. A guy friend told me this 20 years ago and I thought he was crazy but in fact I now think he was correct.

This is my story as well. I was in the marriage for 20 years. Legally still married to him. He was a virgin at the age of 29 saving himself for the right woman. Sadly, I was the woman. The only good news is that we had 3 beautiful sons, born through ivf because we did not have sex often enough I am now convinced (though I did not realize it at the time)

I'm in exactly the same situation, my wife turned out to be almost completely asexual, didn't want sex during the honeymoon or almost any occasion after that. I feel completly taken advantage of, lied to and made a fool of. Please take this into consideration, that you might end up with someone like I stuck with. I definitely think waiting is the right thing to do...but it does have it's drawbacks. These days to can never trust someone fully, that they will do what they say they are going to do after you get married. We did talk about how much we wanted to before getting married, but this is when the lies started. So now what do I do...I can either get divorced and be poor the rest of my life or live with an sexual marriage. I'm sick about the choices I've made and how foolish they turned out to be...it's wrecked my life.

"It's sweet. It's noble. It's moral."<br />
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I disagree. It's none of the above. Doctrinally spurning the nature our Creator provided fits the definition of a perversion and is not moral. And sadly, as you later discovered, causing strife is neither noble nor sweet. <br />
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In support of "saving it" for marriage - it may be healthier and/or safer in the short run if you're overly concerned with STDs* or pregnancy but that's about it.<br />
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*If STDs are a concern I suggest running far in the other direction.

When one talks about saving oneself for marriage this could have a wide diversity of meanings. It could mean that everything except penile penetration was acceptable or it could mean that even kissing with no sexual touching was off limits. Who sets the sexual limitations of any relationship before marriage and for what logical reason? Since sex and intimacy are what sets us apart from mere room mates we need to be really sure that our needs and expectations are quite closely synchronised to avoid a marriage disaster.<br />
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If we were to ask a possible partner at an early stage in the relationship how frequently they *********** and for how long, if they answered truthfully, this would give some sort of indication of their sexual needs and expectations. It also may be useful to ask whether their masturbatory needs were pretty constant year in and year out rather than with long periods of abstinence.<br />
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I honestly think that children at school should be educated to realize how important it is to have a partner with a similar libido. This could prevent countless years of heartache in later life.

what he said...people say what you want to hear...imaging that!