What If I Don't Like Sex After Marriage

I had quite a number of relationships. They kinda ended when the guy proposed or when the marriage is about to take place. I'm sort of scared of commitment coz I think I may have placed too much sacredness in marriage and saving my virginity till marriage. What if I marry and it turns out that I don't like sex or what if I like it but don't like it often enough? Can't marriage be without sex, focus on other things like passion in helping others, loving nature, just being together, doing things together. OK, it does sound more like a companionship. Yeah, why can't marriage be more like a companionship? What if I just want a lasting companionship with some love but not all the gritty intense feeling? I'm sure there's many kinds of marriage. Is a good companionship a good marriage?

I'll love to have my own kids but I fear the lovemaking, the pregnancy, the birth-giving, commitment, responsibilities, sacrifices...
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1 Response May 17, 2012

If in your age you are still not sure it is highly likely you will never like or want... Better to look for the similar partner.... Read about sexless marriages first... If you find asexual partner you will have matching sexual appetites and will be blissfully happy together... If you marry a man with high sexual drive he will be deeply unhappy....<br />
Good luck!