It's a Tough Road, But I Know It Is the Best

 I'm Catholic, and even a lot of my Catholic aquaintances find me a bit conservative in terms of my morality, but my faith is the source of all joy for me. Of course I struggle (who doesn't in today's world?), but when I fall I try not to give into despair. 

Basically the only thing I will go for outside of marriage is snuggling. Anything more than that, and I am walking on very thin ice. Because I struggle with depression so much I often long for more, but when I give in and go for it it tears me up inside & out. The important thing is for me to keep recognizing my need for emotional intimacy and not mistaking it for being, well, horny!

I am seriously thinking of joining a secular institute, where members make the three vows of chastity, poverty and obedience but live in the world with jobs just like anyone else. It is exciting but scary too.

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4 Responses Jan 11, 2009

with a little common sense, every body must figure out that your belief is right, this the nature of human being.
A man wants something just for him (something never used by anybody)
So keep struggling, I'he man who'll appreciate your sacrifice, just wait the Godly reward

I admire you for being a strong young woman which is hard sometimes in this world we live in.

Thanks for the encouragement. Quite a few people take offense, though I haven't completely figured out why yet. I'm not telling them what to do, just laying out what my boundaries are. Even my current-semi-ex-once-and-future-disappeared-guyfriend would get mad.

you're doing what you believe in, nothing wrong with that! good luck! :)