It's Something I Really Want To Do.

I have always decided to do this since I was little. It is what I want for myself. To save myself for marriage is something that I think would make me proud of myself. Not many girls nowadays are doing this. I think that it also is part of me keeping my self respect. I hope that more girls in the future will decide to do the same. I believe that saving yourself for marriage is a good thing.

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I guess the fact that I am a Christian makes be a lil biased because I believe that you should save yourself til marriage. But I don't think I made that decision just because I am a Christian.
When I was younger I made the decision that the only guy I ever wanted to have sex with or even kiss was my husband. I want to save myself and those experiences for him. I love you enough and think you are so special that you are the only person I ever want to experience these things with.
I know most of the world does not agree with abstinence and most Christians do not think you have to wait til marriage to kiss....but I am proud to say that I am 22 years old and have never been physical with a guy :)

"I have always decided to do this since I was little."
Of course you have. This is the thought process and idealization of a child. I hope you never inflict yourself on anyone expecting an adult partner.

I do agree with you to a certain extent. If you want to save yourself for marriage and give it to the person you love by all means go ahead. However, I don't feel one has to wait until marriage to lose their virginity. I was 18 and with my boyfriend for two years (now three). We were both virgins ant the time and we were both ready and willing and we did it. and it was AMAZING! so if you want to wait... Wait! but if you fall in love and feel you're ready (and both of you, if i may add) then go ahead! and enjoy yourselves :)

Don't it doesn't prove anything in the long run. But then maybe I am bitter and twisted.

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I wouldnt really advocate this at all. I have been married more than once and wasnt sexually suited to any of the men.<br />
despite what people say, sex is a very big part of any long term relationship and you are either right for each other than way or not<br />
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i would really find out if you are not before committing!