That Kind of Girl

I'm that kind of girl that was brought up as a Christian and taught to wait for marriage for sexual intercourse..'

Now, even though i may not be as strong as a Christian that i used to be, i still am one. I was brought up that way since kindergarten. I was taught that sex is only for marriage.

I don't exactly know if i will wait for marriage but i know i will wait for that special someone. I know i will wait until im know that im positively ready. I will wait until i know that i have found the one.



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3 Responses Jul 12, 2007

well that story is about a year old now... i didn't wait for that special someone and i gave into the temptation but oh well i guess.. i now am with my fiancee and couldn't ask for anyone better

all the are on right path...God bless you

But how will you know he's the one?