I'm saying goodbye to someone I deeply care about. Someone I love. I'm hurting so bad but it's something I have to do. I'm there whenever he calls me or messages me, no matter what time it is. Day or night, I'm there. Last night I asked him if he had 1 minute for me, he text back and said "no". He just flat out told me NO! He couldn't pull himself away from whatever, or whoever he was doing and make time for me. He says I'm important in his life, well that doesn't sound like I'm important to him. Then I log on ep this morning and it shows he was on here about 3 hours ago. But never found time for me. I sit here crying while I write this cause I'm so hurt. They say actions speak louder than words, well his actions prove that he doesn't care about me at all. He made me feel worthless and like I am nothing, but yet says he cares. That's not caring for someone. I regret letting him talk me out of suicide, I listened to his lies when he told me he needed me in his life and that if I cared about him I wouldn't finish what I started. Well I cared enough about him to not finish the job, only to live and regret not doing it. I need to break the cycle of constantly being hurt by how he makes me feel. It's going to be so hard cause I care about him so much and I know I'll have moments of weakness where I feel like giving in, and those will be the toughest days. I hope I can be strong and not give in. My problem is that I feel the attention I get from him is better than none at all. But it's not, and I know i deserve better. But the loneliness is going to get to me, I know it......goodbye and remember that I loved you "also"....
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I am sorry this happened to you. You deserve better treatment after all your an amazing person.