I recently found out i was pregnant and like so many women i was very excited at first, but now i am having major doubts about having the child, i could not get rid of it and i don't want to i just wish i felt happier about it. i am finding it hard to talk to my partner and he doesn't really seem interested in the fact that i am struggling. I am a student doing my degree and i have one more year to go, i am going to finish its just i had so many plans for after uni and now i can't do any of them, i feel slighly resentful and i hate myself for feeling like that. im just hoping i'll find someone who understands how i feel.
Naomi Naomi
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2007

Hey there, don't be down on yourself, there are plenty of us going through the exact same feelings of self doubt and resentment. I too am pregnant, I am 35 years old, I have had a successful career and yet I feel as though there is more that I can do. I also fear that having a child (my first by the way) will get in the way of things. I doubt my ability as a potential new mother, and just how much having a child or going through with this pregnancy will change my life. It is a huge decision and responsibility and one not to be taken lightly!! The irony is that we were both trying, now that I am pregnant I don't feel overjoyed and I feel as though something is wrong with me as I know of lots of other women who are desparate to have a child. I even feel guilty for feeling this way.<br />
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Anyway tell me how things are with you, as I noticed your post was 3 years ago. Has your view changed of becoming a mother?