Cant Be Without Him!

my husband and i when we are out would seem like the 'perfect' couple, we look happy but i wish people could see behind that, tear off the exterior, i suppose i would be placed in the 'abusive' relationship criteria, yes he beats me, belittles me, humilates me but i cant be without him, although i dont want this abuse, abuse is all i know, so its almost like a home comfort, i cant be without my husband because that would mean i would be left on my own, and i dont think i could handle that, people see me as a strong woman but im not im a scared little girl screaming for help to be saved from my life but it seems the more i scream the worse it becomes. my husband is my world i cant sleep, eat, drink do anything without him. i dont want him to leave because without him i dont think id live!
scaredgirlinside scaredgirlinside
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2010