Scared To Be Homeless

Running scared because  the possibility is that I will be homeless for the first time in my life! I never thought that it would happen to me  No fami;y members to hep me. Calling shelters and hot lines are no better. They either dont answer,call  me back. I have seen people on TV huddled in blanketsand praying for a miracle. I need a miracle too. am so scared of freezing to death.

ciaria ciaria
56-60, F
4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

The hotlines are terrible. There is always some overworked social worker on the other end of the phone. Says something like, "We have a long line of people waiting just like you." I hope one of my friends can help me if I become homeless. We live in a society where no one wants to help anyone. I always pray for miracles for everyone who needs them. I hope you don't become homeless.

As crazy as this sounds Don't think about being homeless, IT'S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, start to believe in that, and think POSITIVELY. what we think reflects out and finds it's way back to you, If you can envisage that you will be in a little home just with you and your belongings, you will have that ~ you just have to think that! Get RID of any NEGATIVE thoughts. Easier said than done, i know. Although this doesn't sound ideal ~ i don't know your country, but surely you must qualify for Welfare/Benefits ? If you envisage yourself sleeping on the streets then you probably will, it's all a point of mind over matter. I understand, my god you must be scared, you say you need a miracle......... so what's stopping you ? ask for one, don't ask ~ don't get ! You deserve better. Take one step at a time rather than muddling it all together, ie~ Focus job first and homing second or vice versa, If you are entitled to welfare/benefits then claim all you can, get yourself settled/ straight for about 6 months then look for employment. Swap feeling sad for security ~ imagine it and you will get it, but have faith. If you want me to offer you words of encouragement to set you on the right path then i will...... I want to see you succeed, ciaria.......... i want you to laugh at your'e fears and tackle them head on, now find out what your'e entitled to, if doors keep closing then knock on another one .....DON'T GIVE UP .

Because my brother in law wants me to. its not personal towards me. I believe he wants his son and grandchild to move in. I do understand its just that I feel sad, scared, am trying to find work..

ciaria, you don't say the reasons why you may be made homeless ??