Scared For Future

So.....I just found out that coal isn't in the energy plan.I live in Kentucky;but I don't like coal.I think it is bad for the environment.Believe me ***** mining and mountain top removal are horrible and ugly.This being said....they can't get rid of coal fast.You would have to get rid of it slowly.Along with that you would have to have an alternate energy source and replace coal with other jobs.
I am concerned because I live in a small town that no one cares about and if they didn't do the things I said above then everyone around here would have to move.The economy around here would bomb.It probably would hurt the national economy.I want to live where I live.I enjoy the nature around here.I hike in the woods;ride four wheelers;enjoy seeing wildlife; and love knowing everybody.
I had planned on becoming an occupational therapist.If the economy around here bombs and I have to move;then I don't know about my future.My family would have to dig into college savings.I may not be able to go to college.They already shutnsome local coal mines down and my town has took a big hit.If we lost them all our lives would be flipper upside down.
I am sorry for that.I found out about the energy plan and realized all of this.One thought led to another in a few seconds.It scares me because the only thing I have the vaguest idea about is my future plans.
alwaysrunning15 alwaysrunning15
18-21, F
May 12, 2012