Faith?? Why?

It is well known all religions are an act of faith. All the priests, all the religious hierarchies claim there is no chance of salvation without faith.

I try to do everything in the right way... I always thought I was doing right... ... I have tried my whole life to help people around me when they need... I tried to do everything right in accordance with my conscience and laws of life and society... any trivial decision... Not for God, but my self-esteem. And nothing works for me in any sense... No job, no love, no friends... people around me, including my own family betrayed and cheated me...

But not only me... Misery and horror around the world are proofs that God doesn't exist... And if he exists... shame on him for permiting those things to happen.

I am not asking for mercy or compassion, that's useless and pathetic... But what I am trying to figure out is why God expects me to believe in him, if he doesn't give me any sign but misery and pain ???? The only thing I can guess is he doesn´t exist.

Sorry, my English is not so good, it is not my native language.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Alot of us have gone through the same thing. I have lost my uncle, aunt, and father to cancer. I have been to war twice, and lost good friends. I traveled in the poorest parts of the earth - seeing misery and suffering all over the world. i watched my first, true love marry another man, and then regret it, and now she is ill, dying, and caught in a loveless marriage with children she won't leave until she dies. I have been married and got divorced when I was cheated on. I say all that to say that I have known sadness and pain, and, still, the most painful thing I have ever endured is the loss of my faith. I was a very strong believing Christian. My faith centered me and was something I leaned on in the hardest times. But as I really looked at it, and considered it, I realized that it made no sense in the end, and that we are very likely alone in the universe. And in one way it was devastating. But in another way i realized I was totally free, and able to encounter life on my own terms, and figure my own way through things. it was incredibly disorienting, but I emerged much stronger, and more involved in life, this life, the only we have, than I had ever been before. Good luck to you on your journey.