The Goal, Don't Doubt It Can Be Reached.

I imagine my goal.

A place I will be at.

Physical and literal in terms of a location, but also abstract in terms of a part of my life journey.

Unrealistic. A gorgeous mountainous area, with woods, waterfalls, lakes, with a diverse community enough to qualify as a town, without the excess pollution. No cars, just company, a tight diverse group, with people travelling outwards for adventure or supplies. WIth that, I have the love of my life.

Realistic, the physical landscape will probably be a suburb, or an amazing exotic town, perhaps by the coast. But the company will be the same as above.

The worry is that there is a wonderful thing out there, but sometimes you can't help but dwell that it's too far away, or the possibility that you may not end up deserving it, or that it will be denied to you.

Part of you knows it's eventually going to happen, but the possibility of yourself NOT ending up there scares you.

Am I referring to heaven? Yes and no, heaven is what you make of it, your heaven could be right here on Earth right now, and for many people that is the case.

Traditional heaven isn't for me, I don't want to live forever, eternal bliss seems like the dullest thing in the world, I embrace lives challenges because that contrast is what makes me even MORE appreciative of the rewards, love and light I would have.

I'd like to die eventually, because nearing the end of my life, as an old man, I could look back at my life, see all the good I did, see the hearts I touched, and die happy, and I'll be contempt with that.

It's quality, not quantity.

I could quite happily be ok with my "heaven" lasting only 20 years.
Jiemusu Jiemusu
22-25, M
Aug 10, 2010