This Isn't How Life Is Supposed To Be

I have been sexually harassed intensely. It all started with a friend request on facebook. His name was "KC" i didnt no a KC so i mailed him asking who he was. He mailed me back sounding like a really nice guy. Calling me beautiful and things like that. So i accepted him. The next day at school i started getting these texts sent from facebook from him mailing me asking me disturbing questions. I didnt like the sounds of it so i deleted him as a friend. The next thing I no is that im getting texts from him. Within the 12hours of being his friend on facebook, he got my cell phone and home phone number. He found out which school i went to and which suburb i live in. He told me that his real name isnt Kc and that it is Brandyn. I got these abusive texts from him sayong that he's going to wait till im home alone and going to touch me in ways i wouldnt want him too. I couldnt tell anyone about him because iwas scared of what he might of done. I would see him everyday after school as he would just watch me. One time my mum wasnt there on time and i could see him watching me across the road, i got so terrified that i had to get my mate to wait with me. I never wanted to be by myself. He rang me everynight and told me that if idont talk to him then he is going to be seeing me the next day after school, so i talked to him. He told me things like he loves me and he wants to take my virginity and things like that. I would cry myself to sleep everynight because i felt so trapped in this scenario and ididnt no how to get out. I had soccer training after school and mum was too busy to pick me up, so i had to walk into town to catch the bus home. While iwas walking there someone was across the road yelling at me to go say hello and stuff. I looked over and it was brandyn. I started getting heart pulpitations and my head just pounded. My legs were getting weaker with every step and i felt like iwas going to faint. Luckily a police parked up right in front of him and thats when he stopped. I ran the rest of the way into town. I have never been so scared and to be honest im still scared now.
serahbaaaby serahbaaaby
18-21, F
May 8, 2012