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I am 43 and my husband is 44.  He had emergency surgery for colon cancer in January.  At that time they think they had gotten the cancer.  The lymph nodes were clean.  Now we have a filling defect in the bladder.  They go in Tuesday with a scope to check that out.  We had genetic testing (due to family history) and he has lynch syndrome.  Cancer doctor's here just want to take out the whole colon.  We are going to see someone else for other opinions.  Because of the genetic factor the cancer will most likely come back and could go to other organs...

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My husband was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last summer. He went through six months of intensive chemotherapy before having surgery that removed most of his illia crest ( half of his pelvis). We had only been married 2 weeks when all of this came to a head. It was so hard to see the sweet wonderful man I married suffer through it and the drugs made him a completely different person. He has gone from wheelchair to walker to crutches and says he feels better than ever. Last week we went for our check-up to see if the cancer had spread to his lungs. The doctors said they found 2 lesions on his lungs that are most likely the cancer. We are in an emotional hurricane. We fight , we cry. I am not mad at him, I don't really know why we fight. I just really feel like i have lost all control probably because i have.. We have God and our church, our families are on the other side of the country. What I need is someone who undersrtands how unique this situation is. We BOTH have cancer, but he is the one who is sick.

My husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer after an emergency admitance to the hospital and surgery followed 2 days later. They were able to reconnect so that is a bright spot. He was in the hospital for 22 days getting home 2 days before Christmas. This has been a whirlwind.<br />
I work fulltime (I carry the life insurance) he did work fulltime & a part time job which he is not able to do either now. He has started chemo which will last 6 months & radiation is soon to come, it will last 5 weeks right in the middle of the chemo.<br />
I am the caregiver, wife, worker and friend. It is getting very hard to control my emotions and there are NO support groups where I live. I am hoping for some kind of support from this group.

Hi, I hope you husband is doing weel. I can relate to you, my husband 52, was given a year to live due to cancer in stage 4, we are still fighting but God knows how hard it is to see the person you decided to share your life with, slowly go away.<br />
Most people say,"take on day at the time", I find that very hard to do, how can you live one day at the time when this could be the last birthday, the last Chritsmas, the last....<br />
I just keep the faith, and hope that wathever God decides He will give me the strengh to carrie on and to help him in the best way possible through this rough times.<br />
So keep praying, keep fighting, keep doing.