They're Just So Fragile!

I haven't been around babies a whole lot. But I'm in PA school and I had to do a pediatrics rotation, and there were all these babies I was expected to know what to do with. It was so scary! I mean, what if I drop one? I'm kind of clumsy. I don't know WHAT I'll do if I ever have one of my own.
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4 Responses Jul 17, 2007

pray they are nerf, you will do fine. A physiciand assistant huh? get ready to work hard, I heard the program is very tough.<br />
Wish you success!!!!!!

What's PA school? Also, never fear! You have inbuilt hardwired systems in your brain and your body to allow you to carry a child properly. Evolutionary safeguard to allow event klutzes to reproduce successfully! :D

When you bring your baby home from the hospital and look at how small it is and think that its very existence is entirely dependent on your ability to care for it and provide for it, it is a bit overwhelming. But Emerald is right, babies are amazingly resilient - and they have a very effective way of making sure they get what they need! Dear God what a sound!

Have you ever watched one of the nurses bathe a baby?! THe way they flip and turn the little one. And rub their skin briskly! You quickly learn they're not so fragile, as you might first think! And as a parent, you learn it just as quickly!