I'm 58, have been married and divorced 3 times.  My kids are grown and on their own.  I'm alone.  I get so anxious I feel sick.  I just moved to a new place and last night there was a neighborhood meeting.  I made myself go.  Before I went I almost threw up.  I made it through the meeting, but only spoke with 2 people.  The thought of even trying to meet new people and make friends is terrifying to me.  I just know that no one will like me and that people will think I'm stupid, ugly, worthless. 
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To have been married three times indicates to me that the opposite sex certainly find you are very interesting and perhaps captivating, so I strongly feel your opportunity for someone new is strong! Why have you loss self confidence?...is it perhaps age! I'm a 65 years old female and my soulmate of 20 years deceased three years ago, so age is a major factor why I feel my allure, hence romance chances are slim but, I don't think anyone will think me ugly, stupid or worthless because I'm not. <br />
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Have you lost self confidence because of how your last marriage ended or that three marriages ended in divorce? If so certainly you need to do a self analysis of why they ended; do they share a commonality of reasons for ending? That's something you should review and perhaps find a remedy!

Life is very hard a lot of the time. Try to find one thing each day you can be thankful for. Maybe the sunshine. Your life is special and so are you. Keep reminding yourself daily. Let people become your friends.

WOW you are way to yong to go thru life w no friends do anything to get new friends. life is to short to be lonely become a email chat friend you can start w me