A Silly Fear

I lose sleep at night because I think about whats out there. I can't decide if I'm more uncomfortable with the fact that im one day going to die, or if one day our planet and our universe is going to be devoured by a black hole. I can partially blame my addiction to stumble upon for finding all these images that paint these frightening stories in my head.I find astronomy amazing. I love to study it, but its amazing how small we are in the grand scheme of things. But then there are those things lurking in space that we don't understand. Things that will destroy everything we know... it's more scary than our universes colliding. I have so many strange and unanswered fears. Oh well just wondered if i was the only one with this one.
Eliiizia Eliiizia
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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I already know about that, XD but it is ok, i can be unreasonably scared to pieces of them = D even if they are in the middle of my home galaxy

I guess then it wouldn't help your peace of mind to know that there is most likely a massive black hole right at the center of our galaxy. :P <br />
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I wonder if an insurance company would sell black hole insurance? Hmmm...

It's in human nature to worry about the unknown, especially when it is much bigger than us, like death, and I think faith can be a form of coping mechanism. You shouldn't be worrying about dying when you're 22 but if black holes really spook you then you might use that curiosity of yours to maybe drive yourself to become an astrophysicist!<br />
I can't tell you much more than you probably know already. Quantum mechanics attempts to explain the formation and behavior of black holes but it is inherently very complicated. Like you said, astronomy deals with large scales, whether it's time scale or dimensions, distances and energies. <br />
It makes me feel dizzy to understand the basics of the cosmos and at the same time have little influence on it, to know that some ob<x>jects can be so massively dense that their gravitational attraction pulls everything around them, including the light and that you can only spot such a black hole because of the behavior of light, time and space around them. <br />
When the Large Hadron Collider started blasting particles in such a way that it would create very short-lived micro black holes, people started to worry that it could start one that would destroy our planet. In the last Star Trek movie the idea of creating black holes as a weapon of mass destruction is also brought forth.<br />
While Hollywood may be quick to cash on our fears, black holes can possibly be the worse monster darkness ever invented.