I Dont Trust Them

for some reason i just don't trust bridges. when i was little, i used to think they were going to crumble underneath our car. i used to get so scared, especially when we went over bridges with water underneath.

i used to have to have to cover my eyes until we were over it, i was just terrified of them.

now its not so bad, i still hate them but i don't cover my eyes. i just stare straight ahead, no looking around or anything. I'm just so afraid they are going to fall apart under the weight of all the cars.

i suppose this is attributed to one of my fears, dying in a car..I've always been scared of a car going in the water and not being able to get out.. so that's probably a big part of my fear.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

well bridges i love them.. because they connect people with each other .. we live in village and whenever we go to market .. we always cross the bridge and we love that bridge that he connect us to market.. so .. we should be like bridges for others to connect hearts and hands of other people.. facilitators..

Every time my grandmother goes over a bridge she holds her breath and looks straight ahead. The George Washington Bridge that runs over the Hudson is so long that she darn near passes out while riding over it.