Can't Believe It

OMG, I can't freakin' believe anyone else feels this way!  Except I both fear and loathe him.  I think he's ugly, un-funny, un-talented, and like a scary clown...I wish he'd go away.  He confuses me, too.
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2007

He is goddamned scary, especially in the face.

Scary clown is right! I saw him live, pretty funny but I absolutly can't look at him. he was on flav a flav's celeb roast! he got burned so oooooo bad it was great.<br />
you would think he'd get a clue and stop with the plastic surgery. just like Jacko!

But there is one worse than him. Emo Phillips, although he's toned his look down recently.