Amusment Park In October.

Whenever i see a clown I cant look at them because I will get creeped out and scared, and literally run away screaming. It all started when I was a little girl at my local amusment park. Unfortunatly it was october. Which means once it started to get dark, scary creatures came out to taunt everyone. Since i was with my older brother and sister they wanted to stay but I wanted to leave as fast as possible. So me and my mom started to head out to the car. Suprisingly no one really tried to scare me I guess it was because I was a little girl looking like I was about to cry holding on to my mom. But that didnt stop the clown. As we were trying to get to the doorway there were these two clowns. Creepy, creepy clowns. With blood on there fac, holes in there clothes, and "broken" legs. And one came crawling to me, I just close my eyes hoping when i open them he would be gone. I was far from right because when I opened them there he was. No more than an inch away from my face. Smiling and laughing creepily. I screamed terrified and ran back, just to find the second clown crawling towards me fast laughing just like the other. I looked back to see the other one was crawling towards me also. Then I just broke down by looking at he two of them coming after me and started crying uncontrollably. Fiallty my mom Picked me up an carried me to the extit. But it was too late that experience scared me to this day. I can not stand to be around any clowns. Ever.
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that's terrible i would cry!!!!. i really don't know why im afraid of clowns its just ever since my mom got one to come to my birthday party when i was 5 i was playing around with my ball when i saw it and he stared at me that 2 second eye contact scared the **** out of me just staring at him something about him was creepy his shoes his make up and outfit just made me feel uncomfortably and i just ran crying and my mom made it leave but since that day i have always been scared of them not sure why but it was always just something about them.