Here i go with another irrational fear which i cant have a reason for having!!!

I have always been afraid of clowns but been able to bear them eg going to a circus was OK as long as it didn't come near me!! n i could walk past one in the street without hiding!

But i watched I.T when i was about 13 n it sticks in my mind so bad!! I couldn't sleep properly for nights after!

I have tried to avoid every film with them in since! but i thought i would be brave to go and see SAW as he wasn't a proper clown n that was okish until the guy is walking through his apartment flashing his camera n then you hear the clowns laughing!! i sat in the cinema n screamed n then hysterically cried!!!
I even cried when i saw the clown in scary movie 2! n that was supposed to be funny!!!

I have also tried to avoid all situations where clowns would be around but a couple of years ago i went to a big local event which is held in a big park near where i live so i went along n minded my own business holding on to my Lil step brothers hand! n next thing i knew someone else had held my empty hand! i looked around n who should i see holding it but a clown!! i just freaked! i had to run out of there so i slapped his hand off me n grabbed my bro n ran away from him!!!

My best friend thought it was time for me to get a grip n face my fears as i was 20 n when the circus came into town which parked themselves opposite my work! she brought me tickets to go!
I was sat shaking for ages as i was so scared! every time i saw a movement i would hide! but they disappointed me really as they weren't even dressed in full clown attire so I'm not cured at all!
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Have a look at this video - see if it helps<br />

Lol, I would love to see you like that, lol. That is funny. Hey you know what. Maybe it would help if you dressed up like a clown. Girls already put on makeup just put a little more on and wear a suit. Lets see if you get scared of yourself, lol. And the post what happened because I want to know how this turns out, lol.