Killer Clown

Okay, so I was about five or six and I was at my guy friends birthday party at a indoor pool center. (No we were not dating.) He loved clowns and he was talking about having one at his birthday party. I wasn't scared of clowns at this time. Well the clown shows up and everyone was excited. He needed a volunteer for his first trick. Nobody raised their hand, so I decided to go up there. He handed me toilet paper and told me to swallow it. I thought it would kill me! when I refused to, he whispered in my ear, " I'll be at the foot of your bed if you don't swallow this." And I remember running of the stage screaming. I didn't know what was going to happen! I started crying! ever since then I've been terrified of clowns and I can't even get threw a day with anyone saying the word "clown"! I have taken many quizzes and I have a very high fear of clowns. I can't even go into McDonald anymore! each day my clowns phobia gets worse.
PenguinLover13 PenguinLover13
Dec 8, 2012