Wow, I can hardly even look at the group picture!!  I think I started getting freaked by clowns when I watched "Poltergeist"...that was one freaky doll, UGH!  Tim Curry's performance in "It" didn't help either, and now I'm just petrified of them! They have to be evil...look at them! Pale faces and bright colors that pop out at you, that totally clash...its horrendous. They're like the spawn of rainbows and humans. Its unnatural.

Wasn't there some guy that was a birthday clown for kid's parties and killed them or something? Crap, what a way to die.

Rodeo clowns WERE okay actually, until one night I went to one and the stupid clown that was there starting yelling out "Hey, you in the pink shirt!"....he was talking to ME. And then he kept on by saying, "Hey, what's the matter, don't ya know what color shirt you're wearing!". I was too scared to resond....heck, I couldn't MOVE. It was so embarrassing. I'm just glad that they finally released the bull rider and the bull ran the stupid moron over so he'd leave me alone. I had nightmares about him coming after me and forcing me to do intimate acts with him. 

Bottom line: Clowns=evil!

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Feb 18, 2009