Of failure. Something about bearing offspring and the realization that they are dependant on your for everything. What if I don't teach mine the correct things? What if I don't get a job soon and won't be ale to give my offspring a Christmas? What if I can't give my offspring the right tools to be self sufficient?
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Hello Missimperfect. This is Gary. Please always remember this ok ? Ok. You are not suppose to do everything dear. You are suppose to do only what you can do. Do that to the best of your ability and then let God take over the rest honey. Trust Him if you are this concerned then you must love Him so trust Him ok? That is all He wants to tirust in Him that He will take care of all you can not do. Ok? Ok. You are perfect. Your children are so very blessed to have you as their mom. God bless you and yours. Love Gary x x x x x ,