Always Have!

I dont know why im scared of them as i have grown up around dogs n i loved them n they loved me n never attacked me or anything scary like that!

I have to move across the road when i see any size dog walking towards me n my best mate shouts at me as some are only tiny!

I only feel really comfortable around 1 dog n thats my mates! i used to go round her house nearly every day n really got to know her dog which was such a surprise to everyone!
I saw the dog again a couple of months ago n got so excited about seeing her as it had been ages! n she knew who i was straight away n we cuddled up on the sofa in the blankie i got her for christmas 2 years before!

My best mate watched me do this and was amazed as she had always seen me crossing roads n squeling everytime one even looked at me let alone touched me!!

I visit a woman i work with in her home last week n i heard her dog bark i actually walked away from the door i was to scared to come in but then after i sat down n was talking i started to stroke the dog! My friend pointed it out n i was so shocked as i hadnt realised!

So i thought i was cured a lil bit but as i was leaving i saw another dog walk towards me as i left her house n i ran as fast as i could to the car!

I dont know what it is that scares me so much as i said i dont have bad experiences with them, n i can stroke a few but thats it!
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Try to walk past small dogs without crossing the street, tHen you miGht decide that you can walk past a little bit bigger dogs, then a little bigger... I can pretty much walk past any size dog now, if they are on a leash, and not running or jumping around.

they are ways to work around the feelings, but you will need some one to work with and trust is a big issue.<br />
<br />
dogs are a funny animal, the problem i see is they is way to much press on things dogs do bad Vs what they do to help many<br />
<br />
alos there are way to many untrained dogs out there that bark and sound mean even if they are not<br />
<br />
even many resuce trainers are now training dogs to a one bark then sitor to a no bark and sit or lay down

Im Terrified of All Dogs, i really hate dog i also have to cross the road if a dog is near me. i hate feeling this way, i was bitten 2 years ago. i went to see a guide dog today i could not go near it and it made me sick, im working towards going near one. just writing this makes me want to cry. thinking about them makes me this way. is there any way off getting back to normal. if anyone can help me, then please do. sorry about the spelling. thanks. x

I have the same problem. There are only 3 dogs i trust my own and two of my friends dogs. I was chased by a Pittbull when i was a kid and now even when im older i dont like other dogs. Even when they are tiny!

I am guessing you are from Australia, lol. Well this fear could be from something you seen. You don't have to experience it to fear it. It is just a thought of an animal attacking you that scares you and you need to address what you saw that mad you thinks the dog is going to attack. It could be something you saw on t.v that scared you and now when you see it you go into panic mode and don't realise the reason. I used to be scared of dogs but that was because I was attacked. But I am not scared anymore.

i know how you kinda scared of dogs, even though i don't like to admit it. i don't really have a reason for this ~ i was chased by a greyhound a few years ago when i was young, but i was nerous of them befoer that. i have no idea why, theyre such sweet animals. but i freak out at the idea of one chasing me or even just growling at me...