I Am Scared Of Dogs

Some people are scared of spiders and snakes but not me. I've always been scared of dogs, I think that's because I got always barked at by our family dog when I was 5 years old. Now I am an adult and still scared of them.

I remember when I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to school, all of the sudden a tiny little dog jumped out of a bush and started to bark at me, I was scared to keep going because the dog blocked my way, so I took a different way and I missed the bus.

Another embarrassing story, I was on a date with a hot guy and we drove to the lake, I was scared to get out of the car because a dog was sitting right next to the door. At least the guy thougth it was funny.

I thought about getting a puppy to get over my fear and I did, well my parents did. They got a german shepherd puppy and right away I fell in love with that cute little thing. whenever I visit my parens I notice the dog getting bigger and bigger and surprisingly I am not scared of him at all. Maybe just a tiny bit. But I am still scared of other dogs. So I think I will never get over that fear. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Get a puppy and raise it yourself! That should break the ice of being scared of dogs

Stay away from them then.
I'm scared of burglars.... Should I bait one into my home and hug and squeeze them til my fear is gone?
Someone suggested going to a dog park.... That is a great idea if you just want to overcome your fear.
Some dogs are high maintenance.... Getting one of those to get rid of your fears might be too much of a learning curve.
Be fair to the dogs in the world.

I think you should get to stay with your pet a lot and get used to it so whenever you go and see another dog you just imagine that it's the same as yours and maybe you will not fear them a lot :) I hope it will help you :)

Sounds like you are too close to the forest to see the trees. You SHOULD be afraid of the Government. It is far more dangerous than dogs.

Its okay.
You can be scared it doesn't really hurt you that much.
Dogs have personalities and most of them are lovely and just want love but there are dangerous dogs.. and its not always easy to tell the difference and certainly not when you aren't familiar with them.
So there is nothing wrong with being scared of dogs, its good in a way it'll stop you from trying to pay every dog you see some people learn the hard way with a bite or something.

I really like animals (i love animals seems wrong to say as a guy lol)
But i also know not to pat every dog i meet, i'll talk to them as i walk past.. i'll pat every cat i can however..
I've raised kittens before and i'm used to love bites and claw marks up my arms.

So it's okay to be scared i think your better off not forcing yourself to overcome something but trying to not let it change too much of your life.
Make sure the dog your scared of can't reach you, if you run into a dog on the street without an owner and it looks hostile do turn around the other way, but if its inside its house try just talking to the dog.
Be very aware of your tone as you speak to the dog as i feel tone is more important than what you say is.. of course if there are people around you might not want to say something weird.
but just tell the dog "please don't bark at me" in a gentle tone, sometimes it might help other times it wont.

And don't forget you can tell them off as well.. i tell the neighbours dogs off and to tell them to settle down most the time it works.. after all its what their owners do, and "GO HOME!" to stray dogs.

However even if you get used to dogs by spending your time with lots of them for days, stray dogs can still be dangerous, or even dogs off leashes.
Be a little more confident around dogs and animals in general and if you ever do get attacked and are in serious danger you can kill a dog by pulling its front legs either direction.. i doubt you'll ever use it but just knowing how may give you some confidence.

their noses are sensitive also wacking them on the nose is something else you can do, which i wouldn't do with your bare hand.

Every dog is different, Every animal is different.. and i'm not sure if they can really "sense your fear" but body language and tone are easy for people to spot.. why not animals?

But fearing something is fine its just important not to let it rule your life. ^_^

I hope my rambles give you a tiny bit of insight i'm sorry you are bothered by this, I have a similar fear/annoyance of Magpies (they swoop at people) i avoid them as much as i can, and i'm not fond of bee's however since i have aged i started to relax more around bumble bees as they die if they sting.. so wont unless given a reason to.

when you feel again then remember to observe your own breath earnestly for 3 minutes .the fear will vanish

I used to be scared of dogs too...I remember one charging down the hill at me. But Now I love every cuddly precious one. :) Especially Little Baby Yorkies! (((HUGS)))

i am scared of big dog i think they are going to chase me are you scared of big dogs

i am TERRIFIED of dogs. It is so bad i can actually say that I HATE some dog owners. I just realized that if a small dog comes at me like it wants to bite me I can kick it. In the past I was afraid to harm them. Then I realized that their owners did not care about their fellow human beings who don't share their animal preferences. So now I know that if I'm ever in a situation where a small sized dog wants to bite me it's going to need a trip to the vet first after I unleash twenty some odd years of pent up aggression on its ***.

I think you may be being unfair to the majority of dog owners. People assume (perhaps incorrectly) that most people like dogs - especially small dogs.
To kick any animal, unless you are in real danger, is not in anyone's best interest - including yours, as you may find yourself in a bit of trouble. If you calmly explain to the dog owner that you are fearful, most people will only be too happy to assist you and get their dog out of your vicinity. Also, the vast majority of dogs don't look to bite you, they are simply curious and look to connect to humans. I understand your fear as I work with someone who is also terrified of dogs. I hope you get some help and try to share with people you see with dogs that you are scared - people will actively move their dog away from you if you simply let them know.

Yes, we're NYC only right now but if we expand to other cities in the future, I'll definitely let you know! Thank you for your reply!

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I would definitely want to be part of this show but unfortunately I am live in Canada. thanks though

well i am scared of dogs and my dad is getting me a puppy next week...hope this goes well for me:/

So how is that puppy doing?? are you scared still??

I love German Shepherds. My GSD scares me every time he barks. But if you are around a dog a lot, you can begin to read them. I know who pulls up in the driveway just by the sound of Chief's bark.

While I admire sasha122772's desire to overcome her fear of dogs, not all dogs are nice and non-aggressive, no matter what the breed. It would be better to learn about what a friendly dog looks like, and to learn what kind of signs a dog gives that it isn't one of the nice friendly canines out there. That way you've educated yourself about dogs, and when we understand something we're a lot less afraid. Personally, I'm not really comfortable around power tools. I need to be, so I'm reading up about them. Now that I know more about how to use them, I'm not so nervous. If you know what a dog is trying to tell you, you'll know whether it's friendly or not, and then you'll know whether to put out your hand and pet it or not. I have a dog who is big and scary looking, he's a pit bull/bull mastiff mix. That's his picture to the left. He's actually sweet, and approaches people with a big, happy smile, wagging tail, and wiggly body. Nothing to be scared of there. But, since people look at his appearance, and not how he's acting, they're afraid of a dog who would never think of hurting them.

well iv been atacked by a dog at age 10 and i am now 14. the dog was a german sheperd/chow mix. i was afraid of alot of big dogs but then i thought maybe is i start with a calm quite dog i would get over my fear, so i took my friends dog and started to pet it and play with it. maybe if you think of all dogs as nice and non-aggresive you will over come that fear

I, for one, do not think you should get a puppy. Not until you get over your fear a little bit. If you get a puppy, is your fear of dogs so great that you won't be able to take it to a training class where there are other dogs? When you have a dog, you are frequently dumped into situations where you are faced with one or more dogs you don't know. As you experienced with the GSD puppy your parents got, you can be unafraid of one dog, and afraid of all the rest. All dogs are different, how will you know, really, what you want from yours if you can't meet a bunch to find out?<br />
<br />
I'd start slowly. Start reading dog books. Looking at dog pictures. What about them scares you? Then maybe go to a dog park, where you can watch dogs interacting with other dogs and people from behind the safety of a fence. Go to a dog show, where there are lots of dogs, but they're all busy, so they aren't the least bit interested in you. Until you're at the point where you can walk up to a strange, friendly dog, I don't recommend getting a pup. <br />
<br />
Once you've reached that point, you'll be able to go out and find a puppy that is just the one you want, because you'll interact with it enough to know its' personality suits you. Then, by all means, get yourself a puppy. It'll help with any residual fear, and boy, will you have fun!

yes i think that you should get a puppy because it will get you to feal how the dog wants to get treated... or you could go to someone to is an expert on dogs and see some experiances of why they bark at you and how you could try to get the fearness out.. i love dogs but one of the times i m scared of some but wat i do is get a treat or bread and try to get it to like me... but anyways try to get someone to help you.. bye

Yes I think getting a puppy would be the best thing you could do. I grew up with a Cocker Spainal and loved him so much. I now have three German Shepards, three dobermans and a Rotwiler and each and every one of them have their own personalitys. They are very loving animals. I hope you do end up getting a puppy. You won't regreat it.

Getting a puppy is the exact right thing to do. I had a fear of dogs for many, many years, but then I lived with one. Now I own THREE!!