Big Dogs

I don't like dogs that jump on me. I was trick or treating when I was little, and a german shepard dog jumped up and bit me on my face. I was scared of bigger dogs since then. I even get a little scared when I look at this group picture of a german shepard!
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1 Response Aug 10, 2007

Learn some self-defense against dog attacks. It will make you feel safer and more confident and help you get over your fear.<br />
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I was walking down the street a couple of weeks ago in the big city near us. A guy had a pit bull, unleashed, across the street. When the dog saw me and my 3 year old son, he immediately woofed and assumed an aggressive position. Immediately, I made my plan in case he charged. I was going to put my son on top of the car near us and shove my fist down that dog's throat as far as I could. He never did attack, but I was ready for him. Yes, I was scared (and still am a little), but I knew what to do just in case.<br />
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Good luck!